Bonding & Porcelain Veneers
for A Brighter Smile!

Bonding and porcelain veneers are two common dental procedures at It’s Dental Time in Burlington that can have a dramatic effect on your smile. While dental bonding uses a composite resin to improve the appearance of teeth, veneers utilize thin, custom-made porcelain shells that are placed on the front of teeth to update their shape, colour, and/or size.


What benefits do these services offer?

Both services can be used to close gaps between teeth and to make unevenly shaped teeth look more symmetrical. They also have the ability to conceal yellowing and discolouration, update the size of teeth, and provide patients with a brighter, whiter smile.


Who should consider these services?

These procedures may be beneficial for anyone looking to improve the appearance of their smile. If you are unhappy with the shape, size, or colour of your teeth, or if you want to close gaps between your teeth, bonding or porcelain veneers may be a good option.


How should teeth be cared for following these services?

To keep your smile looking and feeling great, ensure that you’re brushing twice and flossing once each day and seeing us for regular checkups and cleanings. It’s also advised to avoid staining foods and drinks, and to not use your teeth as tools, as this can cause damage to them.


At It’s Dental Time, our experienced, caring dentists are dedicated to helping you achieve a smile you’ll love. We place great care in providing outstanding customer service and we always strive to make sure that every visit is comfortable and stress-free. Contact us today!