A Smile Analysis
Can Strengthen & Protect Your Smile!

Used to thoroughly assess the health and aesthetics of a patient’s smile, at It’s Dental Time in Burlington, we know that a Smile Analysis can not only help strengthen smiles, but it can help beautify them, as well!


How is a smile analysis performed?

During a smile analysis, our dentist will examine your teeth visually and with x-rays and digital imaging to assess the overall health of your smile. Based on our findings, suggestions will be made to improve its strength as well as aesthetics, with treatments ranging from fillings, dental crowns, whitening services, dental bonding, gum sculpting, and more.


What benefits are associated with undergoing a smile analysis?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, this service can help our team make treatment recommendations to help. Additionally, this service helps our team identify any potential problems that may be present and make sure they are taken care of before they become more serious. Doing so helps ensure that your oral health is protected and that complications don’t arise as a result of untreated issues.


If you’re thinking about enhancing your smile, contact It’s Dental Time! Our experienced team is here to help you achieve the beautiful, balanced smile of your dreams!